Cosplayers with weapons

May 30, 2014

Another convention done for the weekend (CMK21). Lots of lovely cosplayers as always, though it was a little quieter than normal, or at least seemed like it because of the extra space they utilised for the guests.


The one thing that I noticed with few of the cosplayers with weapons that really annoyed me was handling in general and safety.


Now I know a lot of this has been covered a lot before and by people more knowledgeable than me. Both from the cosplay and weapons side. Now a pet hate of mine is trigger discipline, yes I understand that these are fake, replica or non firing weapons but if you are going to spends time on money trying to look like a character, why not be that little bit more accurate and make sure to hold the weapon correctly and safely.


Though to be honest firearms were not my major issue of the weekend, it was bows and arrows. With the rise in popularity of shows like Arrow, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games and the like bow and crossbow weapons are becoming more popular.


I saw two cosplayers with real bows, one a compound the other a long bow style. Put a real arrow, or at least something with a solid shaft and pointy looking hard tip. Then draw the arrow. In fact one of the cosplayers had to stop posing with the arrow drawn as the tension of the bow was too much for them to hold any longer. May I also point out that up to this point they had been pointing the arrow at the tog taking pictures of them. Not very fucking safe!!!


I totally understand that people want realistic look of the bow string being drawn in the picture, but folk please for the love that is sanity (and safety) replace the real string with a bit of elastic, it will look taut not drawn and will give you something without tension went drawn. If you really really need to have the shape of the bow change under tension then do not put the arrow on the string, if you have to have the arrow near the string, hold the tail a couple of inches out. It will still look good and should the string slip it will not shoot the arrow straight into anyone!


Now these are purely my opinions from a few observations today. There were some cosplayers there that had good weapon discipline or that had bows and arrows that could not be dangerous. So don’t think I am talking about the majority. 


Customer Service – Sometimes things go wrong

January 18, 2014

Now I want to start this post by saying it is a little over due! When I say a little over due, that may be an understatement. This is an

incident that happened back in August 2013, it is now Jan 2014. So I have been a little slow in putting finger to keyboard!

Back in August I was going to Dragon Con 2013. This was my first time going over to the US for a convention. While I have done them in the UK for more years than I care to think, I have never been to ones on the scale of the American events. Now I do love to take pictures at a convention. Over the last couple of years I have hired lenses from a company called Lens Fettish. As while I have a good camera a better bit of glass in front of it makes all the difference.

So for a few of the events I have been to in the UK I have used Lens Fettish and got some high quality Canon L Series lenses off them. They have either been longer focal lengths than I have, like the 100-400 F4, or a wider aperture walking about lens like the 28-70 F2.

They have helped me to push my photography more and more. Which is great. Especially without the outlay for the cost of the actual lens, which are at least £1000 often in the £2000 bracket.

So once I decided to go to Dragon Con it seemed like an obvious move to hire a lens or two to take with me! Just think of the opportunities to shoot amazing costumes and possibly some panels. So about two months out I went to their website and put in an order. I decided to take just the one “walk about” lens. the 28-70 F2 as that would fit most of my shooting for the weekend, up close and personal and also it was light enough not to worry. I had thought of taking the 100-400 F4. Though unless I knew how many panels I was going to do it did not seem worth the extra weight. When my own lens would suffice for any long shots I might need to take, it was a 100-300. Though as it turned out a longer lens would have been handy

Now with Lens Fettish you would get a text the delivery day so you knew when, an hour window, it would be delivered. So when I never got a text the day before flying out to Dragon Con I got a little worried. I had a flight at 7am to Atalanta the following morning. Come 9:30 I was really worried. As previously I had had the text by about 8:30. So I gave them until about 9:45 and then called to find out what was happening, just in case they had changed the delivery procedure or something. I mean it was still early on in the delivery day.

Once I spoke to a guy at Lens Fettish he saw that my order was there but not sent out. He polity explained that as my order had been taken so long ago the bank holidays had not been put into the system, which meant the previous weekends bank holiday had thrown out my delivery schedule.

He offered to overnight the lens to me, which was a nice idea but as I was on a flight at 7am to the US this was not going to be any use. Initally he had no idea what they could do. I was staying at a hotel near the airport that night, so wanted to leave soon for the hotel and would be away out the country very early in the morning!

He asked to let me leave it with him for half an hour so they could at their end talk through all possibilities. So I said yes, just please don’t leave to long and ensure you get back to me.

At about 10:30 he called back and said the only solution they had was to drive the lens up themselves at 5pm that night. So what address would I be at later tonight? I gave them the address of the hotel I was staying at at Heathrow Airport and my mobile number.

So later that night after I went to the hotel to relax on the assumption that they would deliver the lens to my hotel, I tried to forget about all the hassle and stress I had had that day. I then got a call from one of the company founders who was at the hotel with my lens.

Then I had a conversation for about half an hour with him about the business and what they hoped to do over the coming years. He was very nice and polite and apologised about the events that transpired.

So to sum up all that happened i ordered a hire lens a few weeks before it was due, to be required. This meant that a clerical error meant it was not delivered. So they decided to drive the lens to me with one of their own founders.

So while they clearly made a mistake at the start, they went beyond and above the requirements to make it all right and I got the lens I wanted for went I wanted. I cannot recommend these folk enough, go see them!

21 Jump Street – The Movie

March 6, 2012

This may contain what you class as spoilers, so read with caution……..

Watching the start of the movie you are not sure how it will go! Within the first ten or twenty minutes it’s not only taken the Micky out of itself but almost every other cop movie out there!!

It opens a little weaker for that I think but it soon pulls back on the obvious jokes and lets the story take over a bit. Well what story there is!

It starts out 7 years ago with two kids about to graduate high school. One the geeky Slim Shady wanna be and the other the cool high school jock. Jump forward to present day and the bump into each other at Police Academy and become friends even though they would not mix in school.

As you would expect they get bumped to the 21 Jump Street undercover unit as they are still acting and look like kids, so they can go back to school and break up a drug gang!

All the cop stereo types are thrown at you here as well as the school ones. Though with school it’s all post Glee so the cool kids are perhaps not who you would think!

Nothing surprising happens really in the movie, though that is not to say it is not worth seeing. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments. Even some silly bits that show how different the latest generation is from the previous when it came to communicating and what was cool.

You even get an uncredited appearance from Johnny Depp, which you might be able to spot him from near the start and then at the end, was rather funny!!! For those that are too young to know Johnny Depp was in the TV show this movie is based on.

Over all this was a fun movie that was very silly, so well worth a watch. Just remember and switch the brain off before the start!

Enjoy! I give it 3 out of 5 🙂

The Darkest Hour

January 23, 2012

First saw the trailer for The Darkest Hour what must have been about 9 months ago. As I never caught it in the cinema and had moved to London in the mean time I thought I had missed it and would have to catch it on DVD.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw trailers for it again with a January release date. Don’t know why it was pushed back but this made me happy. Then the week it came out I saw some reviews and got a little concerned. It did not seem to go down well with the critics, the Metro only gave it one star! Still I had waited this long to see it, and come on it could not be that bad!

The movie itself is nothing ground breaking but then it is not trying to be. Or at least I hope it is not. It is typical alien invasion end of the world type movie. Though it is set in Moscow the main stars are all American who are visiting for various reasons. Which do get explained to you just as an aside. Let’s be honest it’s not really important where it takes place, though it does let you see that humans put aside their differences when there is something stranger and more threatening to deal with.

The first part of the movie deals with introducing the characters who meet in a club and while there the invasion begins. Slowly we see them survive through the initial attack and try and get home, which as they find out is just as devastated. On the way they make more friends and loose quite a few to the aliens. With a few corny lines thrown in for good measure. The ending leaves it open to a sequel, Which would not be the worst thing in the world but it does stand up on its own.

The only thing that was really wrong, apart from the science but let’s ignore that! Was the fact that they released it in 3D and it was a waste of the dimension! Most of the movie I forgot it was supposed to be 3D and some of the bits that would have worked well just seemed to have been forgotten or executed poorly. So either get the 3D bit!!

This is a good fun movie that lets you switch off and enjoy the spectacle. Another thing I liked about this movie is that the trailer did not show all the good bits, which is so common nowadays.

Over all I would give this movie a 3 out of 5. Enjoy it.

Plant room access

December 13, 2011

So I asked to get access to the plant room at one of my work locations today. Was told the door was open so went down, tried the door it was locked. Called the guy who can let me in and said I needed access to the plant room, it open he says. No it’s locked, listen to that noise of a door rattling with lockedness over the phone it’s not opening! Then the business centre will have the key.

Why will the business centre have the key to you plant room? All I can see in it are ducts and air filters, why do the business centre need into your plant room where they don’t store anything?

Ah you mean the plant room not the business centre office before the plant room! Will be down as soon as I can get there!

Do I really talk Klingon or something or are people that daft or presumptuous!!
FFS, half hour wasted with edjit!!!

Gay Vs Addict – The Twitter discussion

July 24, 2011

With the unfortunate demise of Amy Winehouse yesterday a lot has been said, both good and bad about her being an addict. Some have said that it was her own fault, others have said that she could not help it.

To start with I would like to say that no one deserves to die (except perhaps paedophiles, rapists, murders and those that talk in the cinema!)

With a friend suggesting that being an addict is the same as being gay. A statement I disagree with and said so, it started a conversation on Twitter, which I felt was missing the point as it is limited to 140 characters. So here is a blog to get my opinion across in a clear way, I hope.

Addiction is a horrible illness that effects people from all walks of life. On the whole people take choices the will unfortunately lead to them being addicted. The choices are not made with the intention of being an addict, it just leads to that. They are some that are forced into it by others. Even though with those it is still something that they become. Addiction is also something that can be treated and for all intense purposes cured. This just shows that addiction is not something that you are born with, more over something that people develop.

With being Gay it is something that is part of a person, like blue eyes or brown hair. Some people do not know their sexuality from the outset. It takes years for people to find out who they really are, not only with sexuality but with other things in life! Being gay is not something that you learn, are forced into, it is just something that you are. You can not be cured of being gay, it is not an illness or a contagion.

That is my opinion on it and I feel to compare being an addict with being gay is an insult to both.

Another thing that was said yesterday was that Amy’s death was overshadowing those that happened in Oslo. That is true it did with the British media and I think that is a shame. But it is what we have expected from the media and I guess what we deserve. the popular media always fall to the common lowest denominator and that is of celebrity life over real important issues.

These are purely my opinions, you can agree or disagree if you like.

Which Flat to take! People I need your help……

July 14, 2011

Hey folks as you will all know by now I have moved down to the big smoke, London! I have been looking at flat shares and have a shortlist of 4, I would like your input on them and what you think of the area’s they are in etc. I have linked to them below with a little of my thoughts! They are in no particular order…..

1. Pudding Mill
This flat is close to the DLR, which can be quick to Stratford then the Jubilee line into town. It will be about the £650 with electricity. The rooms are smallish, but it has a great view over the Olympic stadiums! The couple seemed really nice that I would be sharing with.

2. Bow End
This is about a ten minute walk to the DLR, would need to change at Canary Wharf. Long walk on a change.. The rooms are reasonable size, with nice dinning/kitchen lounge area. Not met the couple I would be sharing with. This is about £760 a month, not what the add says.

3. Iceland Wharf

This has quite the HUGE room and the lounge and kitchen are nice and big to. Its about a ten 15 minute walk to Overground and would need to change at Canada Water for line into town. The couple seemed really nice, they even drive a MX-5, so they got to be cool right! This is £750 a month.

4. Limehouse

This has smallish rooms, though the lounge and kitchen aint bad. It has a balcony that you can sit out on as well (and watch the train!) The guy I would be sharing with seems quite cool. This would be £660 a month. and is about a 15 minute walk to DLR, though there could be a better way to get into town, not too sure!

So folks, what do you all think. Come on Londoners, you must have an idea? Is one of the areas a real no go, would you say deffinately for any?

Going to decide very soon, i.e. next hour or so so be quick with ideas, if you are still up!!

Thanks for the help and stay shiny

Collectormania 16 – The Friday night

May 28, 2010

Well I got to the DoubleTree by Hilton Milton Keynes about 20:30 and checked in. Met one attendee while going to my room and said would see her in the bar.
After dumping my stuff and changing I headed down to the bar, once I found the main bar. As the hotel has a really crap looking one on the ground floor and a nice one on the second, go figure! Guess that is because of the stadium thing.
Could not see anyone I knew or anyone who looked like they where part of the C16 crowd except a closed group in the corner!
So time for some dinner, I had the Cobb Salad, a bit too much cheese for my liking, but very nice all the same. Poor barmaid looked like she was struggling with a hangover or lack of sleep! Let’s see of she lasts the weekend!
Well time for a couple of beers to take back to the room and watch a movie or two. 😉

PCS Strike – Ar$e h0l3’s

March 8, 2010

Now those in the UK will be aware of the PCS striking today and tomorrow as they are not happy about something or other. Probably the company changing the colour of tea pot their tea come’s in! As lets be honest most striking is just done as someone has thrown their toys out the pram over something stupid. Or some high up union official is just trying to justify his job and the annual sub’s that people pay to his union.

While I had heard it mentioned this morning on the news I never really paid that much attention, thinking as I don’t use any public sector stuff on a daily basis I am sure it would not bother me. How wrong could I have been. At lunch time I went out to extend the retention on my cherished number plate. Which should have been just ten minutes in the DVLA office, give over a bit of paper and pay £25. Easy or at least you would think. But as they strike was on only one member of Glasgow Staff and about 6 other staff members shipped in from Newcastle and Aberdeen where there handling all the enquires. Due to this they could only take cheques  as payment. Not having my cheque book and really wanting to get this done, as the cut off was the 16th. I went to the Post Office, the closest one a  10 minute walk away, and then had to wait twenty minutes to get served. Buy a Postal Order (paying 10% extra) and then return to the DVLA office and finally drop off the form and payment.

To add insult to injury, literally, my Planta Faciitis seems to be coming back so the extra walk was really sore! So the bloody strike not only cost me fiscally, physically and time!!

Bloody selfish barstewards!! So you PCS you have lost any simpathy I may have had with your reason to strike.

That’s enough of a rant just now!


Muppet of the day award

February 4, 2010

So driving up Hope Street in Glasgow I spot a parking space just before a cross roads. Stopping just beyond the space so I can reverse in, but not in the cross roads. I indicate right (it’s a one way street and space is on right hand side of road) and put car into reverse.

So I look into the rear view mirror to pull into the space and there is a woman coming up behind me. Oblivious, ignorant or just plain stupid she pulls up right behind me as if I was sitting at the lights. Even if I was, why would I be indicating to turn into a no entry road!

The lights in front of me cycle through a few times and she finally clicks that I am trying to park and reverses and pulls around me! Not after her and a few others toot their horns!

Some people should not be on the road it would seem!!!